Landscape \ Seascape

Quick update

Our previous online Galleries, Landscapes & Seascapes have now become one. Allowing our clients to view \ purchase our work all within one NEW Online Gallery, new pricing structure and fully integrated online ordering system also now in place across all galleries, so no matter what style of photo or type of event the pricing remains the same.

With online purchases now being fully fulfilled within days, shipped directly from LAB to your Front Door


Photography Workshops

Quick update


Here at JustGreatShots Photography, we are happy to announce that we are now offering Photography Workshops

  1. Beginners Guide into Photography (1hr course)
  2. Understanding Composition (2hr course)
  3. Moving Away from Auto (2hr course)
  4. Presets to Full Manual (3hr course)
  5. Seascape \ Landscape, photography (3hr course)
  6. Low Light \ Nightscape, photography  (3hr course)
  7. Long Exposure, photography (3hr course)

Please contact us here at JustGreatShots Photography for more information if you would like to enquire about small group bookings



A trip​ to Bosham Harbour

Out with the Camera


It’s the weekend, so that can only mean one thing, and that’s time to get out with our cameras here at JustGreatShots Photography, so after getting an invite to join one of our Facebook Group Members to meet them down at Bosham Harbour, West Sussex.

With camera gear, all packed we headed off back down the A3, we had never taken photographs from this location before and therefore didn’t know what to expect.

On arriving at Bosham Harbour and parking up the car park, we walked down towards the harbour and as photographers, our eyes just went WoW what an amazing location, it has everything to offer the Landscape, Seascape, Long Exposure Photographer.

The plan was to wait around for the sunset, whilst trying our hands at more Long Exposure Photography, and to try out capturing something that little different within the camera by using our LEE Landscape (GR) Graduated Filters set, this set is designed to bring out colours which already exist within the scene (These Filters DO NOT Add Colour which isn’t there)

With Landscape filter kit at the ready, we started trying out different combination of GR and ND filters, with the GR filters pulling out the colours and the ND filters being used to increase our exposure times

The Above Gallery has been captured within Camera using LEE Landscape 100mm Filter set (No Colours Added in Post)



The Beast from The East

Out with the Camera


Well, the so-called Beast from The East arrived in Petersfield, Hampshire and lasted for all of two days,  during this time the UK saw schools and businesses closing their doors and total travel chaos hitting our roads, airports, and railways.

But what can I say this little bit of snow, finally provided us with the opportunity to get out with our camera’s and try our hands at capturing wintery looking shots, some of which could be used as Christmas Cards later in the year!

Trip to Langstone Harbour

Out with the Camera


Today’s trip to Langstone Harbour started with the alarm clock going off at 5am on Saturday, a quick wash, cuppa tea, and the de-icing of my cars windscreen I head off to Langstone Harbour to capture a lovely sunrise!

Upon leaving home and drove down the A3 in low cloud, mist, fog whichever one you call it, I just kept thinking I hope this clears before I get to Langstone and sure enough, it did.

Arriving at Langstone just before 6am I managed to find a parking space within short walking distance of The Royal Oak Pub, and the Old Mill both of which are pictured in the above photo, but the bad news, I arrived to find a patch of low lying cloud which would end my chances of capturing the photograph I had in my Mind.

This cloud wasn’t to spoil my trip, with camera gear at the ready I head off out onto the mud flats, the same mud flats that I had spent a lot of my childhood digging for bait so that I could go sea fishing with my Dad and Grandad. Therefore I know this area well and I know where and where not to walk, which comes in handy along with the knowledge to keep a close eye on the incoming tide which on this day, wasn’t for a good couple of hours, but the tide in this harbour comes in slowly and sneaks up behind you, so before you know it you’re cut off from the mainland.

So if you fancy visiting the area, just remember the above tips before stepping out onto the mud, and always check the tide times.

Am I happy with my overall trip to Langstone Harbour today, did I capture the photographs that I wanted, NO but did I still enjoy being out in the cold on a lovely February morning, boots covered in mud, camera Tri-Pod feet all covered in mud, hands and face feeling the cold with my breath clearly visible everytime I breathed out, hell YES because I was out enjoying taking photographs, and on arriving home 6hrs later whilst drinking a warm cuppa tea, I’m  already planning my next trip?




Our Trip to Portland Bill

Out with the Camera


It was that time on a Sunday morning to wake up and grab our camera gear and head off to Portland Bill, Dorset as planned.

This trip wasn’t about capturing a sunrise or sunset, it was all about spending the day capturing long exposure shots using our LEE filter sets. So no need for a crazy early start but alarms went off at 06:30 and by 09:30 we were in Portland, which is a 2hour drive from where we live in Hampshire.

On arriving at Portland Bill, what can I say apart from the wind was blowing and the temperature was around 3c with wind chill factor, the skies where overcast behind us and lovely and blue in front of us.

Let’s just say we had a very mixed bag of weather on this trip, clear skies, rain, and even snow but nothing stop us trying to capture that JustGreatShot

With LEE filters to hand, we started to capture the type of images we had traveled all the way to Portland Bill for, using LEE’s 10stop (Big Stopper) and LEE’s 15Stop (Supper Stopper) ND filters alongside LEE’s Medium grad filters we were able to increase shutter speed exposure times and slowing down \ extending movement without blowing out the sky

The above images were captured at ISO 100, 1/500sec, on F/11, the one on left without LEE’s Supper Stopper fitted, the one on the right with this stopper fitted.

Difference in exposure time between these two images is approximately 2 minutes, which as you can see, makes a lot of difference when capturing Seascapes

Various images captured from our trip to Portland Bill will soon be available to purchase online, in the meantime here is a sample below

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Online SeaScape Gallery coming soon


New Forest Day Trip

Out with the Camera

Ok please don’t laugh but I’ve lived in Hampshire all of my life, but this is the first time I can remember taking a day trip to the New Forest. Might have gone as a kid but can’t recall seeing wild horses just walking around the open countryside.

Wild Horses

Wild Horses

The New Forest is located just off the M27 in Hampshire, so easy to get to and once you are there it’s like stepping back into the wild, with just a short walk into the open green lands or into the trees and lakes.

Green Trees

Clear skies

The roads which lead you to the New Forest have a maximum speed limit of 40Mph, which has been put into place to safeguard the wild horses and cattle. Trust me this place is so lovely you wouldn’t want to rush through it anyway, so driving at low speed and going for long walks is the best way to capture and take in all beauty of the New Forest.



This may have been this first trip I can remember, but after seeing these lovely horses just grazing on the open grassland this trip won’t be my last.


Wild Deer

There is also a deer sanctuary at Bolderwood within the New Forest, which is a great place to watch these lovely animals without them just running away. There is even a very nice ice cream van parked up in the car park so well worth a visit. Car Parking within the New Forest is also FREE so makes this a great day out if your on a tight budget

Week in the Lake District

Out with the Camera

As keen photographers my wife and I finally managed to get away to the Lake District for a week back in May, we had never been to the Lake’s before so we truly didn’t what to expect. We had seen pictures and friends had told us how lovely this part of Britain is, but nothing compared to what we saw whilst away.

We had snow, we had light rain, we had heavy rain and we had lovely sunshine all in one week. But this mixture of weather just made our week away even more special, as the landscapes and the lakes are truly breathtaking and the weather just brought out the best opportunities for taking photos.

Its Snowing

Look, Bailey, it’s Snowing

With this being our first ever trip to the Lake District, we didn’t fully focus on our photography. It was more based on just taking in the lovely views and having a great time away with our dog, who I don’t think enjoyed the snow too much lol!!!

Heavy Snow on the Hills

Heavy Snow on the Hills

The skies in the evening were breathtaking due to the weather condition, cloudy one minute then clear the next, this allowed me to capture the below image one evening at around 10.30pm whilst my wife and dog stayed in the warm curled up watching TV. I had the best viewing that evening 😉

View over Lake Windermere

View over Lake Windermere

The Lake District is truly a lovely part of Britain and well worth a visit, not just for photographers but anyone who just needs a break away from their everyday life. The air is clear and clean, the walks around the lakes and valleys are truly special and the sheep are funny, as they just walk around everywhere in the road one minute the climbing over walls the next.



If you are into photography and love your landscapes and waterfalls, then the Lake District is defiantly a place you need to visit at some point in your life, my wife and I are already planning our second trip back in September.

Just one of the hidden waterfalls at Aira Force

Just one of the hidden waterfalls at Aira Force

But this time we will truly be focusing more on our photography so up early and to bed late, because who wouldn’t love to capture this truly amazing place from dawn till dusk




Shooting after Dark

Out with the Camera

So with the dark winter evenings upon us, trying to capture landscape photography can be fun when it comes to looking through that viewfinder or seeing details on your screen display due to the sky being dark and overcast this time of year. With the lack of light in the mornings or after 4pm in the evenings (UK time) you ask yourself why not just stay indoors with my camera and wait for spring.

Well here’s why!

Heath Lake after Dark

Heath Lake after Dark

I for one am still new to photography and after seeing other peoples images of Nightscape photography, I decided to get out during the evenings and try-out taking photos in the dark. The above image was taken between the hours of the only 7pm – 8pm so not that late and using the Bulb setting on my Nikon D7000 took approximately 12 minutes to capture.

So was it easy? No without a torch I couldn’t see a bloody thing (so lesson one learned, always take a torch) looking across the lake all I could see where lights from the houses on the other side of the lake, the sky and the trees were just a dark outline. Looking through the viewfinder or on-screen display seemed to view and pick up even less than what my eyes had adjusted too, this made setting up the composition and depth of field great fun NOT!

However after finally setting up my camera to what I was hoping would look ok, I took to take my first shot, 5min exposure just came out pitch black so I increased to 10 minutes etc, and finally, I managed to capture the above image.

Next trip out saw me setting up my camera a little better, and taking my first shot using an exposure time starting at 20 minutes using an ISO setting of 100 with a f/14 – 16 stop, different location this time with cloud and skies not so good, but still happy with the final outcome in the end

ISO 100, f/16, 25min (bulb)

ISO 100, f/16, 25min (bulb)

So go on, get outside with your camera in the evenings. Yes, people will look at you as if you are strange, and yes getting the image you picture within your own head is not going to be easy. However what you learn and the skills you gain will pay off in the end





Converting to Black & White

Out with the Camera

With today’s skies being somewhat overcast and grey, I’ve spent my afternoon having a lovely walk through the woods with our dog Bailey and my Nikon D7000 just clicking away practicing and trying to improve my skills at Landscape Photography. Ok, you may ask yourself why is this post called Converting to Black & White, well its all to do with adding that little bit of mystery to a photograph after it was downloaded.

Before cropping and converting to B&W

Before cropping and converting to B&W

The photo above was shot in NEF (RAW) using my D7000, but once download I wasn’t happy with the results so I went about playing within Lightroom (Lr) and converting the image to Black & White to see if I could improve my shot whilst also adding a little bit of life into the photograph..

After Cropping and Converting to B&W within Lr

After Cropping and Converting to B&W within Lr

By converting this photography into B&W and cropping in a little, I think I’ve managed to add just a little more feeling and depth into this photo, and hopefully, by doing the same to the below photographs I’ve added just a little hint of spookiness,

Converted to B&W using Lightroom

Converted to B&W using Lightroom

well maybe not but when the skies are grey why not try converting your images to Black & White and see what happens