Week in the Lake District

As keen photographers my wife and I finally managed to get away to the Lake District for a week back in May, we had never been to the Lake’s before so we truly didn’t what to expect. We had seen pictures and friends had told us how lovely this part of Britain is, but nothing compared to what we saw whilst away.

We had snow, we had light rain, we had heavy rain and we had lovely sunshine all in one week. But this mixture of weather just made our week away even more special, as the landscapes and the lakes are truly breathtaking and the weather just brought out the best opportunities for taking photos.

Its Snowing
Look, Bailey, it’s Snowing

With this being our first ever trip to the Lake District, we didn’t fully focus on our photography. It was more based on just taking in the lovely views and having a great time away with our dog, who I don’t think enjoyed the snow too much lol!!!

Heavy Snow on the Hills
Heavy Snow on the Hills

The skies in the evening were breathtaking due to the weather condition, cloudy one minute then clear the next, this allowed me to capture the below image one evening at around 10.30pm whilst my wife and dog stayed in the warm curled up watching TV. I had the best viewing that evening 😉

View over Lake Windermere
View over Lake Windermere

The Lake District is truly a lovely part of Britain and well worth a visit, not just for photographers but anyone who just needs a break away from their everyday life. The air is clear and clean, the walks around the lakes and valleys are truly special and the sheep are funny, as they just walk around everywhere in the road one minute the climbing over walls the next.


If you are into photography and love your landscapes and waterfalls, then the Lake District is defiantly a place you need to visit at some point in your life, my wife and I are already planning our second trip back in September.

Just one of the hidden waterfalls at Aira Force
Just one of the hidden waterfalls at Aira Force

But this time we will truly be focusing more on our photography so up early and to bed late, because who wouldn’t love to capture this truly amazing place from dawn till dusk




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