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I recently did a 1 2 1 workshop with Richard. I cannot recommend his workshops highly enough. Richard’s knowledge of photography is wide-ranging.

“I recently did a 1 2 1 workshop with Richard. I cannot recommend his workshops highly enough. Richard’s knowledge of photography is wide-ranging. Richard is very good at showing you how to operate a camera and putting things in terms everyone can understand. So if you are just starting out in the world of photography or have some skills and want to jump up to the next stage of your photography, Richard is your man. 10/10 ratings!”

Steve Cannings

“I have attended a Seascape and filters workshop run by Richard which was excellent.  Richard took the time to ensure the workshop was at my pace and his explanation on settings and filters was invaluable.  The passion Richard has for photography really shines through and he makes the workshop so much fun but ensures that you get as much from the time as possible. I would recommend anyone thinking of doing the workshop to do it, you will be inspired, educated and have a great time with a truly wonderful and giving tutor.”

Sarah Walton

“I can highly recommend Justgreatshots Photography for their workshops on learning how to use your camera whatever type you have without having to use auto all the time. I’ve been taken a lot of pics over the years like everyone else but always only used the auto button as didn’t have a clue what the other buttons did. only just after one workshop I was already using other buttons and creating better pics. these workshops compared to other photography company ones is that it doesn’t feel like you are at school again. it’s a very relaxed chilled atmosphere which makes learning a lot easier and more fun at the same time. my main aim for doing the workshops is so that I can take beautiful pics of my dogs. this afternoon I booked a one to one dog photography workshop taking pics using one of my dogs and it was brilliant. we all know our dogs can be a nightmare when we want to get that special pic of them but never happens, but now I feel a bit more confident taking pics of them. I was so impressed with the way richard was with my dog, how he treated her and even though she was just a puppy and never met him she was very happy around him and I think she liked him too. I have just booked another 2-hour dog session. with him. if I could upload a pic here to show you what I have learnt with just great shots photography I would. one last thing is the fees for these workshops might just surprise you as the fees for the workshops do allow everyone the chance to have a go. this might look like a long review but I always think a good business deserves a good one”

Becki Sparke

“The first walkabout session I went along to I was nervous about going due to only knowing Richard and was not sure if I had the right skills or equipment. Everyone was most welcoming and very helpful. There was a wide range of skill levels and equipment and people are always happy to give advice if you need help with anything. Someone even took a great photo of my dog. I am looking forward to going along to my next walkabout which hopefully will be soon”

Richard Maher

“Spent a great 2 hours round the heath in Petersfield this morning with my stepdaughter doing the move away from the auto course. Already feel more confident about using the different priorities on my camera and might even have a go at the manual when we’re in the lake district”

Miranda Bird Smith

“Thanks to Richard for a really enjoyable walkabout session on Saturday morning. Moving from Auto mode was informative and interesting. Richard really knows his stuff and his enthusiasm is contagious. If you have an interest in photography, take a couple of hours and join him for a session and see for yourself why I will be joining him again”

Dan Eames

“I just wanted to thank you for your time yesterday morning. I wasn’t expecting a 1 to 1,  nor was I prepared for the avalanche of information that I received. I had a really great time and my wife remarked on my enthusiasm on my return!

Thank you for being so free with your time and knowledge and I would love to join you on a workshop sometime soon”



“JustsGreatShots were a great choice to capture our special day. They were friendly and professional, listened to what we wanted and also had their own great ideas for photos.

Their online gallery also made it easy and convenient to share our gorgeous photos with friends and family.

Thanks for everything!”

Kathrine Lye Jones

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