Photography Walkabout RSPB Arne

So after our trip to Corfe Castle this morning, we decided to head off to the RSPB site in Arne, we arrived on location at around 09:30 after leaving Corfe, the car parks at this location had opened at 09:00 and were still very empty when we arrived (this is a very popular location depending on the time of year) on arriving we showed our RSPB card to a member of staff so the £9 car packing fee was covered.

With our longer lenses now attached, we headed off around this RSPB site following the Red Route hoping to capture those birds in flight and more

Just like our trip to Corfe Castle earlier in the day, things just were not going our way, very little sign of wildlife and the overcast skies and heavy low cloud seemed to be taking their toll when it came to capturing those birds in flight and this amazing location at its best.

Revisit all ready being planned, As There Is Always a Next Time when it comes to capturing those Just Great shots.

Photography Walkabout Corfe Castle

So after monitoring the weather throughout the week we decided to cancel our original plans to host a photography walkabout, to capture a Sunrise over the coastguard cottage at Seaford and head off out towards Corfe Castle instead as the weather forecast looked promising for those misty morning shots.

So with our plans now changed and our alarm clocks all set for 04:30 on a Sunday morning, we woke up to recheck the weather, and guess what everything had changed once again, No Mist or Fog now forecasted but instead 100% Low cloud.

It was too late, our photography walkabout had been arranged and others were looking forward to joining us down at Corfe Castle, so off we set on our 1.5hr drive to Corfe keeping those fingers crossed that the weather forecaster might be wrong?

Sadly Nope, after driving for over 1.5hrs we arrived on location to find 100% heavy low cloud and no sign of any mist and zero chance of capturing a Sunrise.

As we arrived and got out of the car we laughed and said we must all be mad, but with smiles on our faces we started to walk up the west hill which overlooks Corfe Castle (No easy walk as this hill is a killer on those tired legs) but we all slowly started our walk up the front of the hill, stopping along the way laughing and smiling.

Upon reaching the top we came face to face with other keen photographers smiling and laughing, saying we’re glad it’s not just us.

Did we capture a Sunrise? = No, Did we capture that iconic misty morning over Corfe Castle? = No, Did we still have a great morning out with our camera’s and friends? = Yes

There is Always a Next Time when it comes to capturing those just great shots and those amazing sunrise, but unless we get out of bed and stick to our plans you will never know.

Photography Workshop Beginners Guide Level 1

Well what can we say, apart from we all truly had a great time this morning out with our cameras, teaching our Beginners Guide into Photography Level 1 workshop. This course is great fun to host and truly enjoyed by those new to photography, as it teaches them not to be scared about using those Auto and Preset settings.

Over the years we have seen way to many people purchasing a new DSLR or Mirrorless camera, to then see that pour camera being left in it’s bag and those new photography thinking they need to jump straight to using Aperture, Shutter and those full Manual settings to get the best out of the camera’s.

Okay so learning these setting is the next step into their photography journey over time, but why struggle in the beginning. Learning all about the Exposure Triangle and how ISO, Aperture and Shutter Priority all have a major impact on each other in the beginning is a lot to get your head around.

So why not just enjoy learning how to capture a photo using Auto and those lovely Presets, which have all been designed to help make your journey into the wonderful world of photography an enjoyable experience and not a headache.

All that techie skill stuff can come later, as you focus more and more on improving your skills as a photographer overtime.

To find out more about our workshops, please feel free to contact us here at JustGreatShots Photography.

Website Revamp

We are so happy to announce that our revamped website for 2022 is now Live,

The revamp offers a whole new look and the changes made now allow our clients to book and pay for our photography services directly online, and therefore speeding up the booking and payment process. New online store now linked directly into our professional printing services provided via Shootproof and Loxley Colour so our work is now shipped straight from lab to our clients front door.

Scheduled photography workshops and walkabouts are now also available online via our site, so no longer restricted to just members of our Facebook groups.

New Portrait and Wedding packages also now available to book directly via the site with more packages to be released throughout the year

Landscape \ Seascape

Our previous online Galleries, Landscapes & Seascapes have now become one. Allowing our clients to view \ purchase our work all within one NEW Online Gallery, new pricing structure and fully integrated online ordering system also now in place across all galleries, so no matter what style of photo or type of event the pricing remains the same.

With online purchases now being fully fulfilled within days, shipped directly from LAB to your Front Door

Two Rings Become One

Here at JustGreatShots Photography, we have had the pleasure of spending time with Tony & Cheryl today, after being asked if we could help capture their very special day.

With our camera’s at the ready and with Tony and Cheryl both looking so happy, we started to capture their Wedding Day.

AKA Kids Summer Comp

Just a quick Blog to say thank you, to the Applied Karate Association for once again inviting JustGreatShots Photography along to cover their Kid Karate Competition, held at the Mountbatten Centre Portsmouth back on the 12th May. Online Gallery now contains just under 400 images from this amazing sporting event.

Thank you all once again, and hope to capture you all at the next one

AKA, Kids Summer Comp, 2018

Here at JustGreatShots Photography, we would like to say a big thank you once again to the Applied Karate Association for inviting us along to capture all the amazing action from this year’s Kids Summer Karate Competition held at the Mountbatten Centre Portsmouth.

The Karate action was fast and furious, from the off but all within a controlled and friendly manner, with everyone from competitors to Referees and judges, and the families watching their kids showing off their amazing Karate skills.

An Online Gallery from this amazing event can be now be found online with more and more images to be added over the next coming week head, so please keep your eyes open and remember to revisit over the next coming week.

AKA, Kids Summer Competition 2018



Photography Workshops

Here at JustGreatShots Photography, we are happy to announce that we are now offering Photography Workshops

  1. Beginners Guide into Photography (1hr course)
  2. Understanding Composition (2hr course)
  3. Moving Away from Auto (2hr course)
  4. Presets to Full Manual (3hr course)
  5. Seascape \ Landscape, photography (3hr course)
  6. Low Light \ Nightscape, photography  (3hr course)
  7. Long Exposure, photography (3hr course)

Please contact us here at JustGreatShots Photography for more information if you would like to enquire about small group bookings

Road Trip to Cornwall

Short break all booked at the last minute, and we find ourselves heading off down the A3 and following the instruction as provided by our SAT NAV, 5hrs later we arrive at our holiday destination Sea Acres Cornwall, ok not the easiest of locations to get to when following your SAT NAT but a nice little park, friendly with all that you need to enjoy a short break away.

The plan for our week away, to capture the following photos, Tin Mine, Small Finishing Harbour, St. Michaels Mount etc