Street Photography

Capturing those Cityscapes around London got us thinking and wanting to try our hands at Street Photography after seeing photos being shared on social media from our Photography Walkabout Event hosted around London, but hang on Street Photography? this is a photography style way outside of our normal comfort zones.

A style of photography that when done well can truly look amazing, but this was going to be our first attempt so anything could happen? what gear do we use? what do we take and what will happen when we point our cameras toward’s a total stranger out in street?

It was time to find out, with my Nikon D850, fitted with an f/1.8, 50mm Lens and Marie’s Nikon D750 fitted with an f/1.8, 85mm Lens, we headed off out around Old Winchester, Hampshire with other members of our photography group trying our best to capture those street photography photos, was it easy NO, was it fun YES, do we all still have more learn about this style of photography Yes, but the unless we push ourselves outside of our photography comfort zones we will never know.

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