Photography Walkabout Corfe Castle

So after monitoring the weather throughout the week we decided to cancel our original plans to host a photography walkabout, to capture a Sunrise over the coastguard cottage at Seaford and head off out towards Corfe Castle instead as the weather forecast looked promising for those misty morning shots.

So with our plans now changed and our alarm clocks all set for 04:30 on a Sunday morning, we woke up to recheck the weather, and guess what everything had changed once again, No Mist or Fog now forecasted but instead 100% Low cloud.

It was too late, our photography walkabout had been arranged and others were looking forward to joining us down at Corfe Castle, so off we set on our 1.5hr drive to Corfe keeping those fingers crossed that the weather forecaster might be wrong?

Sadly Nope, after driving for over 1.5hrs we arrived on location to find 100% heavy low cloud and no sign of any mist and zero chance of capturing a Sunrise.

As we arrived and got out of the car we laughed and said we must all be mad, but with smiles on our faces we started to walk up the west hill which overlooks Corfe Castle (No easy walk as this hill is a killer on those tired legs) but we all slowly started our walk up the front of the hill, stopping along the way laughing and smiling.

Upon reaching the top we came face to face with other keen photographers smiling and laughing, saying we’re glad it’s not just us.

Did we capture a Sunrise? = No, Did we capture that iconic misty morning over Corfe Castle? = No, Did we still have a great morning out with our camera’s and friends? = Yes

There is Always a Next Time when it comes to capturing those just great shots and those amazing sunrise, but unless we get out of bed and stick to our plans you will never know.

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