Road Trip to Scotland

So with a week off work already booked, we found ourselves wondering what to do during our week off? Then after a beer and a glass of wine or two we said, I know how about a short trip away to Scotland?

Ok, so we live in the south of England which is approximately 475 miles and an 8.5hr drive to where we thought about staying, after purchasing a book called (The Photographer’s Guide to Scotland) which by the way is a great book and well worth buying.

With the photography guidebook in hand, we started to search the web for accommodation that would allow us to visit 10 photography locations listed in the book whilst on our short trip away, and after a quick search, our holiday location and accommodation on Lock Lomond was booked and our photography holiday \ trip was all planned.

Scotland here we come, camera gear all packed, wet weather and warm clothing all packed we planned our route from Petersfield to Loch Lomond Scotland, with a stop along the way to visit friends who had moved to Scotland back in 2021.

After spending an evening with friends and a well-earned break from driving, we continued our journey up into Scotland and headed towards what would be dictation Number 1 (Duck Bay)

On Arriving at Duck Bay, we had blue skies, followed by rain, followed by blue skies so when it comes to photography, not a bad combination đŸ˜‰

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Photographers, who love taking and sharing photos. Whilst writing posts about what we have learnt whilst out on our photography adventures, in a way to help those new to photography take that next step away from just shooting in Auto Mode

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