New Forest Day Trip

Ok please don’t laugh but I’ve lived in Hampshire all of my life, but this is the first time I can remember taking a day trip to the New Forest. Might have gone as a kid but can’t recall seeing wild horses just walking around the open countryside.

Wild Horses
Wild Horses

The New Forest is located just off the M27 in Hampshire, so easy to get to and once you are there it’s like stepping back into the wild, with just a short walk into the open green lands or into the trees and lakes.

Green Trees
Clear skies

The roads which lead you to the New Forest have a maximum speed limit of 40Mph, which has been put into place to safeguard the wild horses and cattle. Trust me this place is so lovely you wouldn’t want to rush through it anyway, so driving at low speed and going for long walks is the best way to capture and take in all beauty of the New Forest.


This may have been this first trip I can remember, but after seeing these lovely horses just grazing on the open grassland this trip won’t be my last.

Wild Deer

There is also a deer sanctuary at Bolderwood within the New Forest, which is a great place to watch these lovely animals without them just running away. There is even a very nice ice cream van parked up in the car park so well worth a visit. Car Parking within the New Forest is also FREE so makes this a great day out if your on a tight budget

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