Road Trip to Cornwall

Out with the Camera

Short break all booked at the last minute, and we find ourselves heading off down the A3 and following the instruction as provided by our SAT NAV, 5hrs later we arrive at our holiday destination Sea Acres Cornwall, ok not the easiest of locations to get to when following your SAT NAT but a nice little park, friendly with all that you need to enjoy a short break away.

The plan for our week away, to capture the following photos, Tin Mine, Small Finishing Harbour, St. Michaels Mount etc



Workshop Trip, Marwell Zoo

Out with the Camera

So the day had arrived to head off towards Marwell Zoo, as posted on our JustGreatShots Photography Workshops Group on Facebook.

With our camera gear, all packed we heading along the A272 towards Winchester, then following the local signs to Marwell Zoo to meet up with group members for a fun day out taking photos.

The idea of this free workshop was based on members just meeting up, helping each other whilst enjoying the environment and having a fun day

Tipner Shipwreck Walk

Out with the Camera

What else could I say apart from YES, when we got invited along on a photography walk to this amazing location, this shipwreck walk had been arranged by my friend Andy Hornby, who also runs a photography workshop group on Facebook?

like a lot of other photographers who live in the Hampshire, we drive past this shipwreck and iconic old crane on our daily commute to work along the M275 Portsmouth.

The photography walk began with a group of 11 photographers all meeting up in a car park at Port Solent, before heading off towards this amazing location, strong winds and heavy rain had been forecast, so it was very hit and miss if this walk would take place, but with our cameras at the ready, we started shooting images whilst watching the sun going down over this old shipwreck, ok yes at one point the heavens did open but that didn’t put us off taking photos.

Images from this Shipwreck Walk, have been made available to purchase online


Flash Photography \ Model Shoot

Out with the Camera

As Photographers we all know that with every shot we take we learn something new, we also know that with every shot we take, what we thought we had learnt goes out the window when you introduce flash.

Here at JustGreatShots Photography, we are always happy to share what we have learnt, and as you know we offer Workshops but from time to time it’s great to brush up our own skills by taking Workshops offered by offer Great Photographers.

On this occasion, the workshop was based on brushing up our skills on Flash \ Model Photography and how to pose someone to capture that Just Great Shot.


This workshop was run by a Photographer called Andy Hornby, and our Model for the day was Chealsie, the workshop was all based on exposing our camera settings for ambient light, and then adjusting the flash output to light-up our model.


Sunset Old Winchester Hill

Out with the Camera

After what had seemed a very long week in work, it was finally time to head off out with our cameras once again, this time our trip would take us down the A3 heading towards Old Winchester Hill

This location overlooks farmland and hillsides for as far as the eyes can see, and that this time of year can offer great views of the sun going down, however on this occasion as you can we where unlucky with clouds rolling in.

But as Photographers, this is all part of the fun of trying to capture that Just Great Shot.


After The Rain

Out with the Camera

Okay so it’s an Easter Weekend which can only mean one thing, a day spent dodging the rain whilst trying to enjoy a Bank Holiday Monday.

Here at JustGreatShots Photography, we had arranged a group day out at Bosham Harbour, Where members of our Facebook Group JustGreatShots Photography Workshops could all try their hands at Long Exposure \ Seascape Photography at high tide.


We may not have had the weather, but we still had a great afternoon out trying to capture those Just Great Shots



A Trip To The Funfair

Out with the Camera

So a trip to the funfair how could anyone say no, so with camera gear all packed and ready we head off down the A3 towards Southsea to meet up with a group of photographers to try and capture and sunset behind the big wheel at Clarence Pier, Portsmouth.

We leave home to drive down the A3 in the pouring rain, keeping our fingers crossed that the weather will improve by the time we arrive at Southsea

On arriving at the funfair, we were happy to see that the rain had stopped and the sun was trying to shine, so with our camera’s at the ready we started to capture all the fun at the fair


Trip to Gosport

Out with the Camera

Our Gosport trip started with the alarm clock going off at 5am on Sunday the 25th March, which would have normally been ok. If it wasn’t for British Summer Time kicking in overnight, meaning the clocks forward overnight, with our bodies still thinking it’s 4am we roll out of bed and get ready to watch the sun coming up over Portsmouth.

The plan for this trip was to pop over to Gosport and meet up with a group of other photographers and capture the sun coming up behind the Spinnaker Tower Portsmouth, so with camera gear all packed we head off down the A3 and arrive in Gosport just before 6.30am for a 6.55 sunrise.

As you can see from the above photos we were unlucky with the sunrise on this occasion, but this didn’t spoil our morning out meeting up with others, we just changed our focus to Long Exposure Photography and playing with LEE Graduated Filters.


Trying our hand’s at Rugby

Out with the Camera

Ok’ay let me start off by painting the picture, it’s snowing with a wind chill factor of -3c and we get a phone from my daughter who says, Harvey is playing Rugby in Petersfield this afternoon, it would be great if you could pop down.

So camera in hand I head off down to the local Rugby in Petersfield, I have no idea about this sport. I just know it’s a little bit like Football \ Amercian Football which involves a bunch of men chasing after a ball, and trying to score a point at the other end of the field.

On arriving and setting up my camera gear, within seconds I can’t feel my fingers due to forgetting my long finger gloves, but I start to try and follow the game and capture all the action which is involved in this sport

At the end of the game, did I now have an understanding of Rugby NO,  but I had learnt a couple more tips when it comes to capturing action sports, and I did get to meet a really lovely bunch of people, Rugby truly is a thug’s game played by true gentlemen.



A trip​ to Bosham Harbour

Out with the Camera


It’s the weekend, so that can only mean one thing, and that’s time to get out with our cameras here at JustGreatShots Photography, so after getting an invite to join one of our Facebook Group Members to meet them down at Bosham Harbour, West Sussex.

With camera gear, all packed we headed off back down the A3, we had never taken photographs from this location before and therefore didn’t know what to expect.

On arriving at Bosham Harbour and parking up the car park, we walked down towards the harbour and as photographers, our eyes just went WoW what an amazing location, it has everything to offer the Landscape, Seascape, Long Exposure Photographer.

The plan was to wait around for the sunset, whilst trying our hands at more Long Exposure Photography, and to try out capturing something that little different within the camera by using our LEE Landscape (GR) Graduated Filters set, this set is designed to bring out colours which already exist within the scene (These Filters DO NOT Add Colour which isn’t there)

With Landscape filter kit at the ready, we started trying out different combination of GR and ND filters, with the GR filters pulling out the colours and the ND filters being used to increase our exposure times

The Above Gallery has been captured within Camera using LEE Landscape 100mm Filter set (No Colours Added in Post)