Trying our hand’s at Rugby

Ok’ay let me start off by painting the picture, it’s snowing with a wind chill factor of -3c and we get a phone from my daughter who says, Harvey is playing Rugby in Petersfield this afternoon, it would be great if you could pop down. So camera in hand I head off down to the local RugbyContinue reading “Trying our hand’s at Rugby”

The Beast from The East

  Well, the so-called Beast from The East arrived in Petersfield, Hampshire and lasted for all of two days,  during this time the UK saw schools and businesses closing their doors and total travel chaos hitting our roads, airports, and railways. But what can I say this little bit of snow, finally provided us with theContinue reading “The Beast from The East”

Heath Lake Petersfield

Lovely walk round Heath Lake, Petersfield this morning, after waking up to find that yet again the weather forecast was wrong! I awoke around 7.30am looked out the window only to find it wasn’t raining as forecast, so grabbed the camera gear and off I walked to Heath Lake, keeping my fingers crossed that IContinue reading “Heath Lake Petersfield”