Trip to Gosport

Our Gosport trip started with the alarm clock going off at 5am on Sunday the 25th March, which would have normally been ok. If it wasn’t for British Summer Time kicking in overnight, meaning the clocks forward overnight, with our bodies still thinking it’s 4am we roll out of bed and get ready to watch the sun coming up over Portsmouth.

The plan for this trip was to pop over to Gosport and meet up with a group of other photographers and capture the sun coming up behind the Spinnaker Tower Portsmouth, so with camera gear all packed we head off down the A3 and arrive in Gosport just before 6.30am for a 6.55 sunrise.

As you can see from the above photos we were unlucky with the sunrise on this occasion, but this didn’t spoil our morning out meeting up with others, we just changed our focus to Long Exposure Photography and playing with LEE Graduated Filters.


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