Heath Lake Petersfield

Lovely walk round Heath Lake, Petersfield this morning, after waking up to find that yet again the weather forecast was wrong!

Path Way

I awoke around 7.30am looked out the window only to find it wasn’t raining as forecast, so grabbed the camera gear and off I walked to Heath Lake, keeping my fingers crossed that I hadn’t missed the best of morning light. I arrived to find the lake partly frozen and a little frost still on the ground and on the wooden footpath

Ice Water

The light was changing fast, and the overcast weather which had been forecast was slowly drawing in, so not much time remaining to try and capture that JustGreatShot

JustGreatShots FaceBook Group


That Next Step, so today was the day when we thought why do we only just keep joining someone else’s Facebook group when we could launch our own group on Facebook?

A group which whilst a closed group, for now, could become an open Group to anyone within the World to join.

As after all FaceBook is about becoming friends, and as photography is all about sharing something that we all love and enjoy it would be crazy not to share.

This Group will welcome photographers of all ages, and from any location from around the world, it will welcome all styles of photography, but at the same time we ask that you keep your photography and images posted to this group clean and child-friendly, as this page is also open to the younger and up an coming photographers out there to share and post their work.

This group will only have a couple of simple rules:

  1. Keep all Images clean, if not You are Gone
  2. Be nice to Others Posting and Sharing on this Group, if not You are Gone

Simple as that,

So if you like what you see, and would like to join our new Facebook Group then please Join us here @

JustGreatShots Photography FaceBook Group



Portland Bill Trip

The Rock

So this coming Sunday 11th Feb 2018, will see us heading off towards Portland Bill,  Dorset, to capture more Landscape \ Seascape photography images.

This visit will once again see us focusing on using filters, and Long Exposure Photography.

If you fancy joining us at Portland Bill this coming Sunday 11th February, then please feel free to contact us for more information


Acrylic Prints coming soon


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Here at JustGreatShots Photography we are happy to announce, that we will soon be adding the option to purchase our Photographs as Acrylic Prints, alongside Canvas, and standard prints which are already available to purchase from the following online Galleries Landscapes and The Lakes

An email address is required to access these Galleries, (Your Email Will Not Be Used for Marketing or SPAM) unlike other sites


What We can offer You

Here at JustGreatShots Photography, we have spent the evening updating this site with contact forms and more information about what we can offer you, from studio shoots to photography workshops.

If you would like to find out more, then please feel free to contact us here @ JustGreatShots Photography



Trip to Kimmeridge Bay, Dorset

KIMmeridge Bay 20

Sunday the 4th February finally arrived, so with our camera gear, all packed we headed off to Kimmeridge Bay, Dorset. For a day of learning more about long exposure photography, no not a workshop but just a day spent out with our LEE filter kits.

A trip to the coast is always good when it comes to this style of photography, with crashing waves against the rocks, and clouds passing by overhead.

Today’s trip was all about improving our skills when it comes to using filters, both Graduated (GR) filters, and Neutral Density (ND) filters.

Graduated (GR) Filters = Help you balance the exposure between the sky and land

Neutral Density (ND) Filters = Help you increase your photographs exposure time, and therefore slowing things down.

Photographs from our trip today can be viewed on our Facebook Page, and images like this one and others are available to purchase online via our ShootProof site, Your email address may be required to access online Galleries (Your Email Address Will Not Be Used for Marketing) unlike other websites



Pros, and Cons of shooting Long Exposure images

  1. It’s a great way of putting that extra little something to your own images
  2. When increasing the exposure time, just remember any movement within your camera or any marks on your lens \ filters will show up compared to when taking photos at a higher shutter speed

If you haven’t tried this style of photography already, then trust us, go out with your camera and give it a try.








Website Revamp for 2018

So here at JustGreatShots Photography, we thought it was time for a little revamp of our site for 2018, and thanks to our website HOST’s WordPress this just involved a simple click of a button.

We hope you all like the new look and feel, of JustGreatShots Photography in 2018.

New Domain Name also now live: http://www.JustGreatShotsPhotography.com


Studio Packages 2018


Here at JustGreatShots Photography, we have revamped our studio ready for 2018.

New lighting, new flooring and a whole new look at what we can offer our clients throughout 2018.

With Studio packages now available:

  • February 2018 Limited offer:

A Two Hour Photoshoot for free, with photographs from this shoot being made available to purchase online, in a wide range of printed sizes both framed or unframed.

  • Standard Studio Shot:

A Two Hour Photoshoot costing £100 pound, with 5 photographs from this shoot being made available via digital download in high resolution, allowing you to print at any size at any time.

  • Deluxe Studio \ location Shoot

A Three Hour Photoshoot costing £175 pound, this package includes not one but two photographers capturing your photos, with photographs being shot at a location of your choice and within our studio. Five images from this shoot will be made available to download as digital images, with all other images from this photoshoot being made available to purchase in digital or printed formats


For more information about what we can offer, please feel free to contact us here at

JustGreatShots Photography



Our First Professional Wedding Shoot


Sunday the 20th August 2017,

A happy day for the Bride & Groom, and for JustGreatShots Photography it saw us take part in our first ever professional wedding shoot, after being asked back earlier in the year.

The Question:

You know I like the photos you two post, and I know you both like taking photos. So any chance you could photograph my Wedding in August?

The Answer:

Do We? Don’t We? Do We? Keeps going around inside our heads, until we both said Why Not, Why Not Give it a Go!!!

The months passed by so quickly, and before we knew it the 20th of August had arrived.

Don’t get us wrong, in the months leading up to this big day. We had invested in extra camera gear, and a new website had been created and tested.

So the big day has arrived, 6am 20th August we are up, bacon sandwich in one hand cup of tea on the other.

Have we got everything? Are we ready? Have we forgotten Anything?

We arrive at the bride’s home just after 08:30am to capture those getting ready shots, hair make-up etc.. then off to the wedding venue to capture their special day,

Back home just after 8:30pm, to start downloading 120Gb of data captured across 4 Nikon camera’s, which by the way have done us both proud.. (Thanks, Nikon)

Data downloaded and back-up by 12am on the 21st of August, time for bed

10am 21st August Post processing work now underway……

Wedding Galley will be live soon, once given the go-ahead by the happy couple.

Until then keep watching this space https://justgreatshotsphotography.shootproof.com



Next Steps

So what can we say, apart from here at JustGreatShots we have finally taken those next big step into the world of Photography.

Our first ever wedding shot is booked for later in the year, Home Photography Studio is setup with happy clients already. Did our first ever model shot, with all images being supplied to the lovely model on the day.

JustGreatShots images are now also helping to promote both sporting and charity events, and we have also helped promote a couple of up and coming small businesses by providing images for their websites.

Ok so what was next for JustGreatShots, well the answers was clear we needed to find an online system which would allow us to share our work with clients etc.

Whilst keeping images secure and private when needed, but also allowing us to share our work with other and finally offering an option to purchase our work

Well I’m happy to say that here at JustGreatShots we have managed to do just that, by releasing our first Public online Galleries JustGreatShots Photography