Our First Professional Wedding Shoot


Sunday the 20th August 2017,

A happy day for the Bride & Groom, and for JustGreatShots Photography it saw us take part in our first ever professional wedding shoot, after being asked back earlier in the year.

The Question:

You know I like the photos you two post, and I know you both like taking photos. So any chance you could photograph my Wedding in August?

The Answer:

Do We? Don’t We? Do We? Keeps going around inside our heads, until we both said Why Not, Why Not Give it a Go!!!

The months passed by so quickly, and before we knew it the 20th of August had arrived.

Don’t get us wrong, in the months leading up to this big day. We had invested in extra camera gear, and a new website had been created and tested.

So the big day has arrived, 6am 20th August we are up, bacon sandwich in one hand cup of tea on the other.

Have we got everything? Are we ready? Have we forgotten Anything?

We arrive at the bride’s home just after 08:30am to capture those getting ready shots, hair make-up etc.. then off to the wedding venue to capture their special day,

Back home just after 8:30pm, to start downloading 120Gb of data captured across 4 Nikon camera’s, which by the way have done us both proud.. (Thanks, Nikon)

Data downloaded and back-up by 12am on the 21st of August, time for bed

10am 21st August Post processing work now underway……

Wedding Galley will be live soon, once given the go-ahead by the happy couple.

Until then keep watching this spaceĀ https://justgreatshotsphotography.shootproof.com



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Photographers, who love taking and sharing photos. Whilst writing posts about what we have learnt whilst out on our photography adventures, in a way to help those new to photography take that next step away from just shooting in Auto Mode

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