Trip to Kimmeridge Bay, Dorset

KIMmeridge Bay 20

Sunday the 4th February finally arrived, so with our camera gear, all packed we headed off to Kimmeridge Bay, Dorset. For a day of learning more about long exposure photography, no not a workshop but just a day spent out with our LEE filter kits.

A trip to the coast is always good when it comes to this style of photography, with crashing waves against the rocks, and clouds passing by overhead.

Today’s trip was all about improving our skills when it comes to using filters, both Graduated (GR) filters, and Neutral Density (ND) filters.

Graduated (GR) Filters = Help you balance the exposure between the sky and land

Neutral Density (ND) Filters = Help you increase your photographs exposure time, and therefore slowing things down.

Photographs from our trip today can be viewed on our Facebook Page, and images like this one and others are available to purchase online via our ShootProof site, Your email address may be required to access online Galleries (Your Email Address Will Not Be Used for Marketing) unlike other websites

Pros, and Cons of shooting Long Exposure images

  1. It’s a great way of putting that extra little something to your own images
  2. When increasing the exposure time, just remember any movement within your camera or any marks on your lens \ filters will show up compared to when taking photos at a higher shutter speed

If you haven’t tried this style of photography already, then trust us, go out with your camera and give it a try.








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