Vintage Cars on Track

It started out as just when of then days when you get called into work to fix an issue, but this time the caller said make sure you bring your camera?

That’s was a very strange way to finishes a phone which started with I need your help to fix my computer, so with camera gear packed and on idea what IT issue I was turning up at work for on a Saturday I arrived to see these amazing vintage racing cars on track

Number 10
Vintage Race Car

So IT issues all fixed, I sat down by the side of the motor circuit and set my Nikon D7000 onto Shutter Priority Mode, using our new 70 – 200mm 2.8 VR lens I practised capturing these vintage motor cars racing around the circuit.

Classic Racing Car
Classic Racing Car

By using Shutter Priority to capture these type of shots, you control the speed the image is taken whilst allow the camera to control the required Aperture setting. This allows you to add blur when required or capture a clear sharp image.


Classic Car Classic Shot
Classic Racing Cars



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