Family Wedding

So after my attempt at taking photographs at a total strangers Wedding, this time I got to take photographs at my sister-in-law’s Wedding. To be open and truthful I found this so much easier as the guest and the family all knew who I was lol!!

The Blessing
The Blessing

With the camera set to Manual Mode and ISO Sensitivity setting set to ON (minimum ISO 100 Maximum ISO 3200, I set about trying to capture images from inside the church, getting the white balance correct was a challenge as an amateur but managed it towards the end.

Bride & Groom
Bride & Groom

Switching the white balance between Day Light and Fluorescent Light I managed to capture a range of nice photography both inside and outside, however by setting my Nikon D7000 to shot in NEF (RAW) it did allow me to edit and improve the photos when I forgot to switch between the two white balance settings 😉

Mirror MIrror on the Wall
Mirror Mirror on the Wall

A great trick I also learned, is that converting Wedding Photographs to Black & White works really really well, it adds style to the photograph whilst also helping to hide those silly mistakes you make as an amateur photographer with still so much to learn.

Happy Couple
Happy Couple

Congratulation to the Bride & Groom,



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