Wedding Photography, a beginners findings

Really how hard can Wedding Photography truly be! we’ve all been to a wedding before as a guest and taken our camera’s along. However, let me tell you when you turn up to a Wedding with a camera and nobody knows who you are. Puts a totally different spin on things when I come to pointing a camera at someone. A friend of my wives was getting married, so I asked my wife would your friend mind if I popped along and tried to photograph her wedding. My wife cleared it with her friend so I pop along with my Nikon D7000 fitted with a 70 – 200mm f/2.8 lens, on arriving at the church I quickly spotted the Pro Wedding Photographers and out of politeness I told them who I was and what I would be doing. Well as you can guess this didn’t go do that well to start with, and I was soon told I better stay out of their way Ok that’s fine I replied and so I went about setting up my camera and taking shots. Wedding Car-085 It’s was at this point things started to feel very strange, as I soon noticed that the family and friends of the bride and groom started to look at me and asking the question and even looked away when I tried to take their photo. This must be the point at a Wedding when being the Official Wedding Photographer truly comes into play, and allows them to capture those amazing Wedding Photographs. By just sitting and watching how they both worked I soon learned the reasons behind how they capture the Wedding Day and what makes a Good Wedding Photographer. Wedding Photographers seem to play a major key role on the day, as they take over managing the time schedule and controlling where the wedding guests will be before the Bride arrives at the Church. And it’s this skill that places them in a very strong position when it comes to capturing photographs that family and friends just are unable to get. Guests arriving at a wedding don’t want to spoil the Bride and Grooms day, so they are more than happy to do what they’re asked by the Wedding Photographer, whilst also happily allowing their photographs to be staged and then taken. To be a really Good Wedding Photography you must therefore also be very good at people management, and time management because these two key skills play a major part alongside knowing how to use a Camera. The Dress I’m happy to say I left them to it and went about trying to blend in and continue practicing how to Photograph this special occasion. Congratulation to the Bride and Groom, and thank you

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Photographers, who love taking and sharing photos. Whilst writing posts about what we have learnt whilst out on our photography adventures, in a way to help those new to photography take that next step away from just shooting in Auto Mode

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