Thinking about Going Pro

As you start learning more about Photography and your images start getting much sharper, you might start asking yourself are my photographs good enough to think about going Pro and making a living.

So with this in mind, I Asked a Pro wedding photographer today the following,

(Q) So what would I need to do, if I wanted to get into Photography for a living?

(A) Not someone else with a bloody digital camera who thinks they know what they’re doing, I’ve been in the Wedding Photography game for years and it’s not that easy you know!!!!

(R) Well, that’s nice for you, thanks for the tips!!!!

Taking photographs as an amateur is a hobby for a lot of people around the world, and as I got told today the world is already full of people who think their Professional Photographer’s

So I now find myself thinking, What makes someone a Professional Photographer apart from the fact they charge people for their work, and why would anyone want to work the hours involved in capturing that money shot and spending hours in front of a screen editing the image to make it even better.

Well, as an amateur photographer, and the host of this new JustGreatShots website I for one would love to spend one day in the life of a Professional Photographer, Just to learn what makes there work so eye-catching above the rest.

Published by JustGreatShots Photography

Photographers, who love taking and sharing photos. Whilst writing posts about what we have learnt whilst out on our photography adventures, in a way to help those new to photography take that next step away from just shooting in Auto Mode

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