Mercedes AMG Petronas on track at Goodwood Festival of Speed

For those F1 fans how visited this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed looking forward to seeing F1 cars and drivers, they where entertained by the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 car and other F1 cars screaming up Goodwood hill Me, I still love my MotoGP and the bikes, and as an ex-support engineer at Mclaren F1,Continue reading “Mercedes AMG Petronas on track at Goodwood Festival of Speed”

Vintage Cars on Track

It started out as just when of then days when you get called into work to fix an issue, but this time the caller said make sure you bring your camera? That’s was a very strange way to finishes a phone which started with I need your help to fix my computer, so with cameraContinue reading “Vintage Cars on Track”

Wedding Photography, a beginners findings

Really how hard can Wedding Photography truly be! we’ve all been to a wedding before as a guest and taken our camera’s along. However, let me tell you when you turn up to a Wedding with a camera and nobody knows who you are. Puts a totally different spin on things when I come toContinue reading “Wedding Photography, a beginners findings”

Also Comes in Red

Just got to love working at Goodwood Estate in West Sussex, yesterday I was lucky enough to capture a Spitfire burning off excess fuel, and today’s lunch break has been spent watching people test drive Ferrari’s. Which provided me with the opportunity to practice Shutter Speed Priority, whilst trying to add that slight blurring motionContinue reading “Also Comes in Red”