Using ND Filters for the first time

So here goes, my first time trying out ND filters after purchasing a Cokin P series ND filter kit from Amazon. ND filters are designed to help cut out light and therefore allowing you to set lower camera speeds in daylight etc.

Remember I’m still new to all of this, so may not have set up my camera in the same way others do it. But this site is about helping myself and others to learn Free of Cost how to get that better shot out of using their DSLR cameras.

How I set my camera up, using a tripod to steady the camera and set my Nikon D7000 to Manual (NOT USING AUTO) I fitted the Cokin P series ND filter to a Nikkor 12-24mm Lens, I composed the shot using the rule of thirds.

Using a shutter release cable, I set the camera to BULB. Setting your camera to Bulb allows you to manage and control how long the shutter remains open manually and therefore increasing exposure time above 30sec

Using ND filters
Using ND filters

The photo was taken using an ND4 filter for 24sec on f/20, as you can see this has made the water look like glass but setting my camera to f22 didn’t give me the depth of field I would have liked, but depth of field is a whole new skill you will also need to master lol!!!!

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