Playing with Long Exposure

Camera skills

Long Exposure photography so what is it? well, everything I’ve read so far points Long Exposure photography being anything that requires and tripod, as the shutter speed time is too long to take a photo holding the camera by hand without taking a totally blurred and out of focus photograph. The photo can also show a lot of movement in items such as clouds and light.

To take such a photograph as the one below, you have two camera setting options you can use. Option 1 M (manual) Option 2 S (Shutter Priority) both settings allow you to control the shutter speed and therefore increasing the time taken to capture the image,

Photograph of Halo Moon

Trying to photograph a halo moon

I’m still learning and at this moment in time, I like using Bulb and a stopwatch to set the time taken to capture the photo.

Camera set up, using a tripod to steady the camera I set my Nikon D7000 to Manual and switched autofocus also over to manual. I composed and focused my shot and used my shutter release cable I took the shot.

ISO set to 100 to allow in the lighting required, F/Stop set to f4 as wasn’t 100% sure which f/stop would be best, I took the shot and allowed 120sec before closing the shutter release.

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