Trip to Corfe Castle

Out with the Camera


So after planning the night before to visit Corfe Castle, a 1000-year-old castle located just outside Swanage, Dorset.

The morning had arrived, camera gear packed and car all fueled we held off back down the A3 and arriving at our location for around 11am. This visit wasn’t planned to capture an amazing sunrise or sunset it was all about spending the day out exploring this amazing site.

Corfe Castle was first built back in 1086 and by the year 1106 this castle was one of the best-fortified castles in England, throughout its year’s this castle has many a story to tell, from Kings and Queens to treachery from within side its walls.

The site is now owned and run by the National Trust and open to the general public, car parking is local to the site and the lovely old village has some great little pubs etc.