Website Revamp for 2018

So here at JustGreatShots Photography, we thought it was time for a little revamp of our site for 2018, and thanks to our website HOST’s WordPress this just involved a simple click of a button. We hope you all like the new look and feel, of JustGreatShots Photography in 2018. New Domain Name also now live:Continue reading “Website Revamp for 2018”

Finally up and running on Facebook

It’s been a long time coming, but you can now also follow JustGreatShots on Facebook. If you already following us, then you will already know that we are photographers who hope you like what you see, and learn from what we post. 2015 was the begining for JustGreatShots, so it’s been little slow getting things offContinue reading “Finally up and running on Facebook”

Still Thinking about going Pro

As an amateur photographer at what point do you start thinking to yourself could I quit my day to day job and make a living out of taking photos and going Pro?, and if I did would I still enjoy it and could I cover the bills I need to pay! Well as an amateurContinue reading “Still Thinking about going Pro”

Thinking about Going Pro

As you start learning more about Photography and your images start getting much sharper, you might start asking yourself are my photographs good enough to think about going Pro and making a living. So with this in mind, I Asked a Pro wedding photographer today the following, (Q) So what would I need to do,Continue reading “Thinking about Going Pro”

JustGreatShots Goes Live on Google+

Just a quick post to Announce that JustGreatShots has now gone live on Google+ so adding one more way to follow and keep up with our posts. If you like what you see and read, then please feel free to follow us. As we go through our journey of learning more and more about photographyContinue reading “JustGreatShots Goes Live on Google+”

Daughter joins JustGreatShots

So after a lovely walk around Petersfield and Steep Marsh in Hampshire with the family and our camera’s, it would appear that JustGreatShots has a new amateur photographer within the group. Our daughter Jessica spent the day playing with her Nikon D3200, learning how to use both Shutter and Aperture Priority and trying to get toContinue reading “Daughter joins JustGreatShots”