Still Thinking about going Pro

As an amateur photographer at what point do you start thinking to yourself could I quit my day to day job and make a living out of taking photos and going Pro?, and if I did would I still enjoy it and could I cover the bills I need to pay!

Well as an amateur photographer learning more and more with every photo I take, these are the questions I ask myself on a daily bases.

(Q) if it went Pro and tried to make a living out of taking photos would I make it..?

(A) At this moment in time, I don’t think so..!

(Q) What if I didn’t make it, how would I cover my day to day bills..?

(A) I could loss everything..!

Only a couple of questions I know, but these are the two biggest questions that I think stop most amateur photographers taking that next step to going Pro. I for one look at Pro Photographers photos and say to myself I don’t think so, and there is no way I could ever take a photo that looks that amazing. But here is the true question, at what point do you stop asking yourself these two question and go from being an amateur photographer to becoming a Pro?




Published by JustGreatShots Photography

Photographers, who love taking and sharing photos. Whilst writing posts about what we have learnt whilst out on our photography adventures, in a way to help those new to photography take that next step away from just shooting in Auto Mode

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