Silverstone MotoGP 2015

This year has seen me purchase a new Suzuki GSX-R 750 and because of that, to my surprise, I received two complimentary tickets to this years British MotoGP at Silverstone Motor Circuit Circuit. What a result I thought, get to watch the MotoGP live once again at Silverstone and also get to try out my new TE-20E II 2x teleconverter and AF-S 70-200mm 2.8G Lens.

Saturday’s free practice saw bright sunshine so using my new TE-20E II at f/5.8 was easy, as the light aloud quick sharp shots whilst planning to be taken up close at 600mm due to teleconverter and crop factor on my Nikon D7000.

No: 25, Maverick Vinales
No: 25, Maverick Vinales

The Sunday, however, due to the grey skies and rain I decided to remove my TE-20E II teleconverter to allow my 70-200mm Lens to work at its full f/2.8 range, this did mean my zoom range drop to 300mm but at the same time increasing my F/Stops from f5/.8 to F2.8 and therefore allowing me to remaining capturing sharp images without having to increase my ISO to maintain the required shutter speed as these bikes go flying past at over 100Mph

Scott Redding
No:45, Scott Redding

Despite the weather on Sunday, this year MotoGP at Silverstone saw Valentino Rossi win his first ever British MotoGP race, and it also saw Danny Kent become the first British rider to win in a MotoGP class since the great Barry Sheen so all in all an amazing weekend

No:46, Valentino Rossi
No:46, Valentino Rossi

Big Well Done to No:52 Danny Kent

Winner Danny Kent
Winner NO:52 Danny Kent



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