Trying out our new Manfrotto 678B Monopod

So finally managed to get out and about this afternoon with the camera and our new Manfrotto 678B Monopod with tilting head. Well, what do we think of this monopod from Manfrotto? To start with it’s like all other Manfrotto kit well made and up for job and even comes with 8yrs warranty, but as it’s so well made I can’t see it being needed 😉

Steep Waterfall
ISO 200, 24mm, 1.0 sec, f/18

Taking photos with a Monopod if you haven’t yet tried one, is just like having a third hand which helps remove that unwanted camera shack without having to set up a tripod. And unlike a tripod, a monopod is just a little more flexible when all your looking for is that extra steady hand when needed. Long-Exposure photographs, however, will still require a Tripod as even the smallest amount of movement could blur out your shot.

Steep Church
ISO 100, 14mm, 1\60 sec f/9

Monopods also work very well with panning and action shots, as they allow a little more free movement with your camera, and a lot lighter than carrying around a tripod on those long walks.

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