Adding Background Movement

So adding background movement in a photograph is all about getting your panning right along with your camera set up, so what is panning I ask myself.

Panning is having the ability to move your upper body but keeping your feet still and your camera on target to the subject you wish to photograph, whilst keeping the subject in focus but adding blurred motion to the background.

Bad Panning movement
Panning not quite in time with the subject

As you can see in the image above, the panning in this shot isn’t up to time with the movement of bike and background, blurred foreground and background was caused by me moving the camera to fast

Good Panning
Panning timing nearly right

Ok, so with practice and keeping my camera settings set the same as before, I practice slowing down my panning movement to allow the camera to focus on capturing the motorbike, whilst adding just enough movement to the background and therefore providing action to the above photography

Camera Setting:

Aperture Priority, ISO 200, 1/160sec, F11, and 185mm

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