Milky Way West Sussex

This photography workshop is suitable for photographers using DSLR & Mirrorless cameras

Photography Workshop Details: TBC

Location: TBC

Date: Sunday 30th April

Start Time: 01:00

Finish Time: 04:00

Price: £150

This is a 7-hour workshop split over two days, focusing on the following

Day 1 – How to set up a composition, manual focusing in the dark

Day 1 – Required settings to capture a single shot image of the Milky Way

Day 2 – Planning location and how to track the Milky Way (via Zoom or within our home studio)

Day 2 – Introduction to Post Processing within Adobe Lr Ps (via Zoom or within our home studio)

(Depending on the Weather, this workshop may be re-scheduled Cancelled at short notice) those registered as attending will be notified of any last-minute changes

Full details about this workshop will be emailed directly to those attending along with a list of gear to bring

5 Spaces Remaining

Milky Way West Sussex


Workshop Disclaimer, Please Read!

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