Getting that Panning Shot

So what is panning you may ask yourself? Panning is the movement of the camera required to keep following a moving subject so that you capture a sharp foreground whilst adding blurred motion to the background. Well, that’s my understanding of it!

I’m still learning and practising this panning motion, however, one thing I’ve learned so far is to keep my feet still and only move my upper body from the hips. Trying to photograph a subject by moving your feet will more often than not capture an out of focus shot. By keeping your feet still and following the subject by moving from your hips, will allow you to remain focused on the subject to the point you can no longer rotate from right to left.

Both Aperture and Shutter Priority settings on your camera will work well with planning, most of these shots were taken in Aperture Priority. One skill you need to practice when panning is to not think that because a subject is moving fast you need to pan fast, as I’ve found out.

Ok so only a very basic tip description, to learn more about this style of photography why not join us on one of our Workshops


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